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VILLA YVY (House of Earth)

3D Renderings


Floor Plans


Interior area: 1,453 sq.ft. (135m2)
Exterior area: 614 sq.ft. (57m2)

Villa Yvy is a fusion of Latin American contemporary architecture with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 walk-in closets, a living room, dining room,
kitchen, pantry, a safe, an owner’s storage, as well as, a fireplace, ample terrace space, and a Uruguayan style parrilla (grill) facing the sea.

Our homes are of superior quality construction; built to last for hundreds of
years. They are made with a solid concrete superstructure and a double brick
wall, which means the walls are about 14 inches thick. The windows are double-pane glass, which means they are energy efficient. The kitchen counter tops are granite, the bathroom counter tops are marble, and the floors are Spanish tile.

Landscaping can be described as manicured nature with Eastern influences.
The technique is called Xeriscape, which uses indigenous plants and rock to
blend in with the natural environment.

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