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Uruguay has long been the primary holiday destination for Argentina. This is due to the proximity of the country, only 30 minutes away by flight, and the superior quality of Uruguayan beaches. Rental demand is extremely high, in fact there is a shortage of luxury accommodation in Uruguay during peak season (December – March).

Because Uruguay is safe, has a mild climate, and resorts like Sugar Loaf are offering year-round amenities like Japanese hot springs and a Spa & Wellness Center, the rental demand is rapidly increasing for all seasons from local, regional, and international tourists.

Wealthy Brazilians are coming to Uruguay, because they can wear their jewelry to the beach, something that would be impossible in Brazil. The casinos in Punta del Este and Piriapolis are also popular with Brazilians. There is no gambling in Brazil.

Because international travel is expensive, Uruguayans and Argentines are happy to spend their winter vacations in Uruguay, now that there are four-season options like Sugar Loaf.

The recent awaking of the international community to the benefits of vacationing in Uruguay with its beautiful coastline, European ambiance, and variety of cultural activities, makes Uruguay an ever increasing popular global destination.

All of these factors will inevitably increase rental returns for property owners at Sugar Loaf.


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